Cash only at the Tube station, Book and Kitchen reading tonight


Red Hen Press/Pighog annual London Book Fair reading is April 14th at 7pm I like the picture of the chicken perched by the pig’s ears.

In London, there are certain things I always like to do. I walk around Hyde Park a lot.  I like to think and walk around the park.  I go to Kensington Palace. Sometimes I go to high tea at the Orangerie.

I like to eat Lebanese and/or Indian food, but mostly, I like walking in London when I’m not working. Honestly, there is no time to enjoy yourself at the London Book Fair.  Of course, I can enjoy myself regardless, but Mark always likes to traipse by the British Museum.  He can’t bear being going through the capital city without spending some time with several mummies.  And who doesn’t love a mummy or two?

I like to go to Camden Locke and the Globe Theatre but that’s not happening.  If Mark were here, we’d go out to eat and we might even go to a movie.

London, New York and Paris are worth walking around and just people watching. I saw a young woman i skateboarding in Hyde Park today with a burka.   It seemed a little dangerous, but she had skill.  She could have skateboarded blind folded.

I take the pita bread they give me at the Lebanese market to Hyde Park and I feed the pigeons and swans. London is all spring time, apple blossoms and radiant wishes.

The first day at the book fair was a bit crazy.  You can’t use an American credit card to access the Tube station, you have to use cash which seems weird, but the station master explained to me that credit cards don’t work unless they have a chip issued by British banks.

Once I exited the Tube station, I had no idea how to get to the book fair, but with my mapping skills, I arrived on time.

Mark thought I had no mapping skills. He was wrong.

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  1. It’s always nice to read someone else’s perspective on the city you call home – I was going to suggest getting an Oyster card for the Tube, but I suppose you would run into the same problems. Springtime London is lovely when the weather is this nice – I hope you enjoy your stay!

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