Hello, London

London is a bit chilly but nice.

I’m sitting here at Paddington Station and the internet here is bad.

I cannot check my email but I may be able to post this blog.

The man suggested that I go to the sushi bar which he claims has good service.

I’m thinking about how bad the sushi would be in the middle of London, Paddington Station, but the sign says, “Yo! Fresh Japanese Sushi!” That’s good to know.  The sushi is fresh; it’s truly Japanese, and I like Yo as in Yo Dude.

At my hotel, they say, as they always do in European hotels I’ve stayed in, that they are confused by their own lack of wifi.  They shrug their shoulders and say they don’t understand.  This says something about the kind of hotels I tend to stay in.  I’m sure Europeans have internet and showers that work and toilets that flush properly and maid service, just not where I am.  But who needs all those amenities? Americans are spoiled.  You’re in Europe; just enjoy it! I told myself this morning after jumping out of the non-shower.

Americans can be real whiners.

I’m a bit whipped after AWP, but I’m surviving.  I am going to walk around London today and will be ready for the book fair tomorrow.

I was on the train yesterday with Fiona McCrae which was kind of cool and surreal.  I only see her in these odd situations.

AWP was both wonderful and overwhelming.

London will be a break after all that.

I need some food, and London’s a bit short on low carb solutions to food.

London is more fun with Mark.  All I can think about as I set out each morning is that I hope I can find my way back to my hotel. In the U.S., I am very dependent on the mapping devices on my phone.  Here I have to depend on guessing.  I’m not Spock.

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  1. AWP was one of the places I had wanted to go , but realize how stuck I am with the children. I hope to be there next year.

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