Spirit Airlines, arriving in Minneapolis

Reasons not to fly Spirit Airlines
It’s not a comfortable nice ride like Jet Blue, Delta or Virgin Airlines. They suck you in with their “low prices,” but at the airport we’ve already paid another $118 in hidden fees for seats, carry on luggage and checked luggage. Yes, they charge you for carry on luggage. I am not going to fly this airline again.

It’s funny how after four hours of sleep you feel like a walking zombie. I ran into Yishun Lai who is an amazing writer. Wisely, Yishun chatted with me and then left me alone. I’m sure she was wondering why I don’t seize my chance and try out for the Walking Dead. She looked kind of bouncy. I am not even bubbling let alone bouncing.

I got my head shots yesterday and now my whole skull aches. They actually shove a needle into your skull and you can feel this weird granular sound like your skull matter and brain matter is in a blender, all brain and bone a mixing, it’s super creepy, like the sound in the cadaver room when the doctors are learning. I’ve never been there, but I imagine it. Especially it would be weird if a cadaver sat up and turned out to be an alien. It happens on Star Trek all the time. The nerve block shots help in the long run but in the short run it’s very WTF mate.

It’s very weird to be doing this without Mark.

We got up at 4 am because Stephen had an earlier flight; he went through Vegas.

Off to Minneapolis AWP where the wild things are.

Great dinner tonight at Bar La Grassa with Joe and Peggy. A great start to AWP.

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  1. Hello Kate, if you do not mind me sharing my opinion, Spirit Airlines is fantastic, if you consider what they are. Spirit Airlines is NOT Delta, Virgin or any other carrier for that matter, they are a totally unique experience. There are no hidden fees at all. If you book on their website, you are welcomed and informed many times along the way of any applicable fees. When I can fly from Baltimore to Vegas nonstop for 75 bucks each way, I certainly do not mind spending 26 bucks (As a member, that is) more for a carry-on. As has been said in the past, when you buy a ticket on Spirit Airlines, you buy a seat which takes you from where you are to where you want to go. It’s kinda like when you buy a ticket to see a movie, they do not give you complimentary popcorn, candy and drinks. Spirit gets a bad rap mostly because people tend to compare the Spirit product with that of other airlines they have used. It’s like comparing an economy rental car with a luxury rental car. They cannot be compared. If you choose to fly them again, book on the website, it will save the headaches. Thanks and I hope the rest of your week is a nice one.

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