Weird Days remind me of all the weird chickens I’ve had

silkie chicken

Up early.

Teaching days, I get up at 5 am and I take off to get my coffee and hit the freeway after I pick up a tall blonde at Starbucks.

Last night I’d made myself a container of fresh vegetables and set aside a couple peaches but then I remembered that I had a lunch meeting so I left the fruit and veggies for Mark.

I couldn’t decide what to wear for the lunch meeting because my brain doesn’t function early. Finally I was dressed, out the door.

Teaching is a bit exhausting on a lecture day.

Then my lunch meeting in Culver City which did not actually involve lunch.

I had to go to the doctor. After the doctor, I realized how queasy you can get. The day got cold then.

Shiatsu. I’m doing everything to get ready for controlling the migraines while I travel.

That’s when I realized Stephen didn’t have clothes for this trip. We met at Salvation Army. You’d think there would be a lot of 30 inch waist nice looking slacks for a 6’3” man, but not so. We found one pair, a couple shirts. I tried to help with the shoes, but finally we had to call for reinforcements. I went home to make dinner for Mark and Spencer helped Stephen wrap it all up.

Weird day. Tomorrow we fly to Minneapolis. As always when the stress is high at the press and at home, I will do what I do best on trips when I have a hotel room to myself. I sleep. Between the excitement of AWP, I hope to get some sleep. Sleep helps me feel my life coming back to normal.

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