Happy Easter

msc photos, nebraska 032

We had a great Easter party last night at our house. Percival Everett and his wife Danzy Senna came over with their kids Miles and Henry and Doug Kearney and his wife Nicole and the twins Elijah and Khalilah. The kids really liked hunting for eggs and then there was candy. Lots of it. Then they were running around the back yard, and then they wanted to see the dogs, and we let the dogs out. The dogs seemed pretty happy about the running in the dark; they were feeling pre-Easter joy. The dogs were running; the kids were full of candy. At some point, I saw a chicken being tossed in the air. The chicken suffered no harm, she was laying an egg this morning when I checked on her. She seemed quite well, but there was she last night taking an unscheduled flight into the air.

There was candy, and there were finally two chickens flying, and the kids had glow sticks and in the yard beside the fountain , you could see the yellow, orange, blue and pink glow sticks flickering in the yard as the water fell through the air and the chickens fell to ground.

The kids liked the kittens too. There was some problem with the tails; tails being very attractive to pull, but it all turned out okay. A very cool laid back party with wine and Greek appetizers. Percival, Doug and Danzy are amazing writers, but all of them and Nicole are also the most relaxing people I’ve been at a party with in a long time, even while their kids raced madly in the darkening air. Khalilah fed the chickens bread, and bread is always a good thing if you’re a Polish hen.

Off to AWP on Tuesday.

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