Mark requires two women to get him on the road to recovery, Jen and me

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Mark’s recovery is coming on apace. He’s gone for some walks, worked with Stephen on some plumbing around the house. We had to stop him from getting involved with the cooking, and from moving the water heater which seems to have gone out. We’re enjoying cold showers which aren’t bad once you get used to it.

Open heart surgery isn’t the kind of thing you go home to by yourself. And I’ve been so over-wrought by the whole thing that I needed some backup. My friend Jen is staying with us for a few days and it’s so great. Somehow it’s making it possible for me to unwind. We are writing and thinking and working on stuff for the press, all of this rolling forward one after another. But, I’m getting caught up on sleep. It’s hard for Mark to sleep because after open heart surgery, you can’t really sleep on your stomach. You really can only sleep on your back .

We believe in raw juices in our house as a means of recovery, so Mark is drinking raw juice every day. Raw juice and sleep are a great combination. I feel that most health problems can be improved by getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.

Mark is recovering much more quickly than I expected. I would manage to do considerably more whining, crying and carrying on. I would use the whole thing to get attention, but Mark is behaving with amazing grace.

To heal, you have to try to not think too much about what just happened to you.
1. They cut open your sternum. Think about that. They cut you open.
2. They take out your heart.
3. They hook you up to something that runs your vascular system.
4. They fix your heart and put it back in.
5. They sew you up.

But don’t think about any of that. Just think, I’m well now and I’m getting better all the time. That’s what Jen and I are telling Mark. The press is fine. We’re fine. We’re writers. We’re writing a new beginning, a new middle, a new ending.

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