Strange things about the hospital


My thoughts as Mark recovers in the ICU.

1. They don’t tell you anything. Okay, I’m kidding. They give you info on a need to know basis for normal people, but I want to know a lot more. Which is why we, like everyone else in the world, ended up doing extensive research on what was happening.
2. Everything moves very slowly. We had to be at the hospital yesterday for the surgery at 9 am. Mark was taken into pre-op at 9 am, we waited until 3 pm. He couldn’t eat or drink and neither did I because I am an Amazon warrior. But he was in pre-op for six hours and there isn’t anything to do. No books, music, food, dancing, computer use, movies, but we’re like firelight story tellers so we kept entertaining ourselves, but six hours is a long time.
3. Yesterday’s parking–$16. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as pissed as you would think. It was just whoah.
4. Kaiser has huge hospitals and the Sunset has a couple wishing wells. We wished.
5. Sunset has a healing garden which is pretty thin, but sort of nice anyway.
6. Sunset Kaiser is right across from the Self Realization Fellowship and the Scientology Center. Either would have been uniquely un-helpful but the buildings are nice.
7. When you’re at the hospital for a long time, you start to feel like your mind is un-spooling.
8. When you’re working and answering questions while at the hospital, it still feels like you are disconnected from the ground.
9. Tobi and Stephen walked to the grocery story for fruit. The cafeteria wasn’t wonderful. No surprise there. I wasn’t hungry. No surprise there.
10. Mark started learning how to do magic in the hospital. He’s becoming a magician.

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