Mark is superman


They say Mark’s a superman, one day and he’s out of ICU, actually called CCU, Cardiac Care Unit, and onto the recovery ward. He will be there for several days, and I expect him home by mid week. This whole thing feels like I am walking on strange stilts, hanging above earth like a Sri Lankan fisherman.

Our garden is growing well; I can’t wait for Mark to see how well the roses are blooming when he gets back. And the tea garden all minting and lilting.

What defines us is how we behave when we are un-tethered, un-tended, un-gloved, un-dressed, un-wound. Jared, Tobi, Stephen and I are the four musketeers. Mark’s brother Alan who works all the time and never takes time off, he came down and was with us for four days. Nicholas has called in each day, and we hold Mark’s hands and heart in our own and will him to live forever. We believe in love, family, and the great times we will have when he is better. I won’t ever forget this turning of life.

Mark went through this with a valiant spirit I couldn’t have duplicated. In Hollywood where he is, the whole world goes on, twisting and turning. It is always so strange ho the rest of life tumbling on while the sky is cavorting for us and the moon and the clouds are not right. You get lost in your thimble of life and cannot imagine the rest. We will emerge and find the sky and the floating fiery sun. We will again take wing and test the clouds in flight.

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