Cornelia Street Cafe reading on Tuesday

Red Hen Press reading at 6 pm at Cornelia Street Café 6 pm Tuesday night

New York is very cold.

Gaylord, Jason Schneiderman and Jim read today at Bowery Club.

It’s very cool there.

Afterward we went to an Irish bar and the guys got Belgian beer, and Jim and I got Malbec. Gaylord was drinking martinis. There were pork sliders for those guys. I had some salmon, probably flown in from the West Coast. It was good.

Last night Gaylord and I went to Toros; it’s a tapas place, very loud but the food was just crazy good. It’s a good place to eat. The ceilings are high so the sound bounced around so you could hardly hear anything. Dining is becoming noisier and noisier. Some restaurants allegedly have dangerous levels of sound. But the food is absolutely divine at Toro. Gaylord and I always have a good time. We told each other stories. When we ran out of stories, we made stuff up.

As I said NY is very cold. More meetings tomorrow and Darlene arrives.
One walks more in NY than in Los Angeles. In LA on an average day, I walk 7500 to 9000 steps a day, if I don’t run, but here, I walk 15,000 to 25,000 steps a day. There are many steps to be taken in NY.

In NY, it is raining and cold, the wind comes in through the open window. I eat sweet grapes in my room and feel the mist coming down through the open air between buildings. I can’t remember when I was so cold and felt the surprise of the air coming toward me. Like life, it comes toward you very quickly. I miss pears. I love to slice pears and eat them with Manchego. When I get home, maybe I’ll have some.

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