Do you want people to lie to you?, We’re in the swarm

I definitely do want people to lie to me. Not all the time but some of the time.

1. Friends tell me that I have amazing style. I really like to hear this, so all of you, keep saying this! But, I know this is untrue because
a. My family does not agree.
b. I have never seen anyone wearing the same outfit as me. If I’m so stylish, wouldn’t others be wearing the same outfit sometimes?
c. I have a mirror.
2. Friends tell me that I’m looking thinner. I live for this so please keep saying it whenever you see me. But I know it is also untrue because.
a. I have a scale.
b. I have mirror.
c. I have a brain.
3. Friends tell me that they love me and that I’m very important to them and I believe all this completely because I have a heart and it is open and I feel this big love coming toward me and I can swim around in it. I feel it like the ocean mist when I walk beside it.
4. My family tells me that they love me and I know that’s true too because I’m in it and it’s all around me.

I need that. My family and I are walking around in a crazy story right now, and we have such a great family. Jared, Tobi, Molly, Stephen and Nicholas all wonderful and Mark he’s being Mark which is always a full time job. And our friends Jacqueline, Kim, Lisa, Peggy, Ron Koertge, all jumping in to help us when we’re in the swarm.

I like to think of the swarm because I remember honey bees when I grew up and I remember swarming which is when the bees need to move around and they get up and swarm. Our family is like that. Things are moving around bit and we’re swarming and that’s when you find out who the queen really is because I think we all get pretty concerned about the queen bee which for humans might be a king bee. But the swarm is accompanied by a lot of buzzing and the bees are doing so much buzzing that they can hardly be sure what they are doing. That’s why it’s good to have a group of friends to come in and calm the swarm.

More on this later. But trust me; we are in excellent hands. We are really and truly loved. And in the wings, I hear it, and know there will be honey. A land of milk and honey.

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