Red Hen NY events and why I don’t want to step on it

Step on it, I say to myself. Move it, Kate, step on it.

But sometimes I don’t want to step on it. I want to stop and think but there’s never time. I want more breathing time. We live in a culture in which speed is god. I can get this done in ten minutes. Yeah, you’re a winner. How little sleep can you manage to get by on? How fast do you run? We’re impressed with a life built for jet speed. Some of the best things in life are done slowly.

We start off walking slowly and we end up walking slowly. But in between we make great strides. I’ve been exhausted all day; I’m not sleeping well because I have too much on my mind and I can feel my mind razoring and thickening around a blanket of stuff I need to do/think/remember. To say nothing of worrying about things I can’t solve anyway. Tomorrow, I’m taking some poetry on the plane. While I’m whizzing across the thick waist of the Americas to come down on that narrow island they call Manhattan, I’ll poke with my fingers through Poetry Magazine and find out what the slow movements of poetic language feel like. In the topsy turvy moments of the last couple days, I’ve lost my Poets and Writers magazine which I wanted to read on the plane. I don’t live near any bookstores so buying another one is out of the question until I get to NY. Flying you have internet now, I liked the cloudy cone of silence. I liked being riveted to my seat with nothing but books. I’m flying Jet Blue so I suppose I could get the blue chips, but I plan to bring apples for the flight. Apples and silence.

Red Hen events in NY!
MARCH 13, 2015 a t 7:00pm
NewYork: KGBBar
Featuring Jim Knipfel, Ellen Meeropol, and Chris Tarry.
85 E. 4th St., New York, NY 10003
Free! (one drink minimum)
MARCH 14, 2015 a t 4:00pm
NewYork: Poets House
Featuring William Archila, Jericho Brown, and Dean Kostos.
10 River Terrace, New York, NY 10282 $10 General / $7 Students & Seniors / $5 Members
MARCH 15, 2015 a t 3:30pm
NewYork: Bowery Poetry Club
Featuring Jason Schneiderman, Gaylord Brewer, and Jim Tilley.
308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
$10 General / $5 Students & Seniors
MARCH 17, 2015 at 6:00pm
NewYork: Corne lia Street Cafe
Featuring Gary Dop, Colette Inez, and Steve Langan.
29 Cornelia St., New York, NY 10014

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