What does America care about? We care about our kids

When the homeless population of Lancaster went from 1,412 in 2011 to 6,957 last year, the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale had to do something about the problem. Each city spent $8000 to help the homeless. The city budget for Lancaster is about 28 million, so $8000 isn’t going to break the bank. It’s just interesting what we in America think is worth spending money on. A lot of those homeless people are veterans. Los Angeles has about 54,000 homeless people, so really, America doesn’t care enough about the homeless.


What do Americans care about? Well, a lot of Americans care about our own children. We care a lot. And our kids love us. We talk with our kids almost every day. We know what they’re doing. Our friends’ first question is not what we are doing but, “How are your kids doing?” because they know that even if we won the Nobel Prize in multiple categories and walked on the moon and are married to James Bond or Scarlett Johansson, we just can’t be happy unless things are okay with our kids. We put a lot into parenting. We went through divorces, teenage years, the opening of the closet doors and the rise of a 4/20 generation and we weathered it all. We didn’t let new spouses, jobs, creative ambitions or our own annoying parents who hadn’t really cared the way they should slow us down from being the Uber parents. We threw down for our kids and we plan to continue.

I’m not sure if kids should indefinitely live at home, but I’m pretty clear why they would want to. They love us and we love them. Our houses are clean, our fridges full of healthy foods. Wouldn’t you want to come and live with us? Wouldn’t you?

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