The Poetry Circus

The Poetry Circus last night was great. Clowns and acrobats cavorted with poets and writers as the merry go round kept circling and kids kept leaping on and off the horses. It was entering joy and magic. As the circus neared its end, the rain started up, thick and beautiful. By this morning, the rain had let up and we went for a hike with the dogs. By the time we took off for a party in Santa Monica where I had a great conversation with Martin Sheen, the rain was coming down in sheets. Martin Sheen seemed very well as did Mimi Kennedy and Mike Farrell. Mike is always serious and quiet when I see him at these parties, but Martin Sheen is a cheery fellow. He likes to joke around and he’s very handsome in person. I didn’t mention that when I’m in hotel rooms, I have seen the naughty Charlie Sheen in television shows and Martin as guest being extremely funny. I love watching them act together because they are both so talented and I get a feeling they like each other very much. At home we don’t have regular TV, so I’ve only seen this when I am travelling.

We’re working to make our readings more energetic and dynamic. But the Poetry Circus really took the cake. Nicelle’s book In the Circus of You published by Rose Metal Press is really elegant. I hope everyone buys it. It’s the kind of book you get many different meanings from but one of them is that you surround yourself by a circus of people who make up your life. We all have our own circus. Who are you in the circus of your life? Are you the sad clown? Are you the ringmaster? Are you on the high wire? Are you doing dangerous stunts with animals? Find your own place in the circus and find your own circus people.

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