Duct tape is essential for road trips

I got my laptop back last night.  I had cleared the trash emails from Verizon so I only had 650 emails to answer.The reason it took so long is the part was on the East Coast and that part of the country is under so much snow that shipping is bogged down. We’re way out here on the West Coast.

Out here, I’m thinking of doing the spring grooming for our dog.  I think I did a good job not losing my mind without the laptop.  It wasn’t easy.

Our son Stephen is going to Death Valley today, then driving up to Yosemite. Then up into Washington visiting national parks.  For this trip, he’s bringing the essentials.  A sleeping bag, tent, lantern, cook stove and an extra roll of duct tape and some bungee cords to keep the car together.  He has one whole box of books.  And a lot of music and a guitar.

I have a device that does scans of my laptop now and it has a little signal that comes up and says, “No threats found.”   Good to know.  I didn’t want it to come and say, “Orange Alert!”    Who wants to be alert all the time?  Writers do.

Mark and I are reading the new Ian McEwan book, The Children Act.  I like it so far.  I have a line up of books I need to read next and that’s not counting Red Hen reading and grad school writers.  But reading is a good place to swim around.  Story swim is good day or night.jkl 015

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