Alice in Wonderland

We are going to see Alice in Wonderland this Friday at Disney Hall

We all have our own Alice memories. We all know the rabbit hole, and writers think they know it best. But really, anyone who has ever done some serious thinking knows about it.

Alice in Wonderland

1. You shouldn’t follow random rabbits rushing about.
2. If you do, you might find yourself somewhere unusual.
3. Once you find yourself shrinking or expanding, you should remember that it’s not real. You are not as important as they say you are. You are not as insignificant as they say you are.
4. If someone seems mad, they probably are.
5. You should try to be on time, but if you are not on time, you probably will still get tea.
6. Making hats used to make people mad. It was because of the toxins in the hat. If you are going to make hats, be careful about the ingredients.
7. Cats cannot be trusted.
8. If someone smiles all the time so that even their grin hangs in the air when they aren’t there, they probably are dishonest.
9. It is fatal not to finish a thing.
10. Dive as deeply as you can into life, get wet, the magic happens in the deep places.

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