Living poetry with grace like Carl Phillips

There are a few people who live their lives with grace, and I like being around those people. I like learning about living with compassion and grace and integrity. I missed Carl Phillips at the Kingsley/Kate Tufts judging. He’s one of those people. He has strong opinions that he states clearly, and he’s both eloquent and wise, but you feel that you are in the presence of someone who also listens to others.

Lots of people think they are smart and know more than you do, and they could be right. But, that’s a different thing from actually being a person who walks around with grace.

Some people are too much of a pushover, and that’s not good either. Being too much of a Buddhist means that people might walk all over you. Of course, the great thing about being all Zen might be that you don’t care if they walk over you, but others might care.

I think that I did learn something from being around Carl. I learned to not be afraid to speak my mind. I learned that what you love in poetry is yours and if someone else doesn’t love it, that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I learned to read the poetry out loud and hear the music. I already knew that in a way, but I needed to hear it again.

If you think you’re better than other people, you’re probably wrong. Someone else might just be a beginner. Wait, listen, all this wisdom is coming towards you.

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