Judging Poetry prize

All day Kingsley/Kate Tufts poetry

What we found when we went there, language, story, dreams, uncoiled imaginative spaces.

Stephen Burt doesn’t think much of people who write blogs.

Poetry is Balkanized. Poetry exists in a subculture. In a tiny world. Almost everyone reads poetry at some time in their life, but reading /collecting books of poetry? Looking forward to the next poetry book by Anne Carson? Well, that means you’re probably a poet or an aspiring poet.

People who write poetry are the main audience for poetry.

We are going to the president of CGU’s house for dinner.

Poetry should never make you feel unimportant; other poets should never make you feel small or ignorant.

You’re carving language in the smoky jazz of your own world of the imagination. There is always someone who thinks they know so much more than you do. They could be right, but it doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that you are looking up. It’s all sky. There is no roof. It’s all sky and stars.

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