Happy Valentine’s Day

Our jasmine is in nearly full bloom, all white snow against the shelf of the garden,

pouring down into the garden too, but there are also many buds getting ready to open, they are like slender pink fingers.  The jasmine is aggressively taking over many parts of our garden, it’s climbing the trees and fences.  It darts everywhere there is light.  We have a wisteria climbing our schefflera into the sky.  I got some gardening done today after I went for a run.  I’m starting on the tea garden, the greens garden, the herb garden and finally, and it may be a little early for this, the salsa garden.  I started off with some peppers from Cuba.  We’ll see how the Cuban peppers do here in California.  Similar climate but it may not be wet enough.  Thai peppers I’ll put in later.  We do very well with Bolivian peppers.

The tea garden has several kinds of mint and lemon grass.  I have to work on some chamomile.  We have cat grass going too.  There is a lot of concern at our house over our kittens.  A lot of controversy.  The kittens want to scratch the furniture which is fairly new.  There is a debate over whether we care about the furniture, and apparently some of us, especially the one of us who bought said furniture does care.  It’s a shame because we had lots of kittens and no furniture for so many years and now our kittens are locked up and we can only remember the good old days when we all sat around the floor and the kittens played in the heat. There are also blinds which the kittens climb.  That causes controversy. It’s all very silly.  What if we lived in another country where furniture was irrelevant or where we just built it all out of wood we found on the beach and we didn’t care what the kittens did to it.  That would be a good country. Or what if we lived on the moon and we sat on moon rocks.  That would be amazing.  I want to move to the moon, with my kittens and cat grass.

Our blood orange tree has orange blossoms everywhere, it is blooming. The whole yard smells sweet, and the blossoms blow into the corner fountain.  Our succulents are having baby succulents.   Spring is coming, it’s already on top of us.  We’re swimming in it.  Mark and I are in Paso Robles; we went out for Italian food for Valentine’s Day.  We only eat Italian food once a year usually, so now it’s twice.  We never eat Italian at home, so the ravioli was good.  For dessert, we went to the candy shop.  I bought Mark some chili chocolate and I got myself a bit of licorice.  it’s very warm here.

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  1. Your gardens sounds amazing. I want Jasmine that takes over everything and kittens and no furniture. New Jersey is covered in a layer of dirt, then snow, then ice. 🙂

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