Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

Go through the pear gates.

When you get to the inside of the pear, eat the seeds too.

Pears are thick like eating grainy pieces of the moon.

You can’t get strangled on a pear.

Movies worth seeing on Valentine’s Day. I would recommend Stranger than Fiction, but most people have a romantic movie they like.

If you haven’t gotten anything yet, there is always time for leaves, petals, candles, calligraphy paper and pen, chocolate.

My daugbter and her girlfriend are going to celebrate in China Town.

I rememmber one of the first things I owned was a jar of penny nails. I got them after I left the Farm.

Then I bought a hammer. With my hammer and penny nails I figured I could fix anything that broke around me.

I used them to hang posters. Tacks would have been easier. But I liked my penny nails. In my jar.

When I moved from place to place which I did very often, I took the jar with me.

I also wanted to be able to defend myself when I slept in my car or lived alone.

For that, I bought a pen knife.

Naturally, I wanted to prepare for the inevitable. For what might happen.

I bought a red pup tent, a rope in case I was under water and needed to climb out, a roll of duct tape, a grappling hook, in case I needed to grapple, scotch tape in case someone was talking to much and I needed to stop the words especially if I didn’t understand the words.

I had a flashlight that could go underwater.

Also a can of broccoli.

All of these things are worth thinking about getting for yourloved one for Valentine’s Day.

In my car I had built in a bookshelf. Anna Karenina. I had a pair of scissors for cutting my own hair and other one for cutting other things like duct tape. I had a typewriter and a blanket. The kind with rippon around the edges. It was a soft green blanket. No pillow. I used clothes.

What do you like to have that makes you feel at home?
For Valentine’s Day go for something that makes the person feel special. Flowers are not a bad idea.

People usually don’t complain about flowers.

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