They are watching you

We all know that our computersare watching us and keeping track of everything we do. Some televisions are watchingy you as well. Samsung televisions are watching you and keeping track of what you say. They say that this is for marketing purposes to help us find the things we want.

Emails I receive often confuse me.

Okay, they know I like to buy books, panties, shoes, boots, secret Ninja stuff for my husband, lotions.
That all seems understandable. It was a little creepy when we planned a visit to Murrietta to see my mother-in-law and then I started getting offers to go to wineries in Temecula. Odd. We aren’t staying the night, we have no reservations, so there is nothing except the email which didn’t mention the area.
Weird. Coincidence? I think not.

We have been to Murrietta once a long time ago, but we are going to visit my mother-in-law to celebrate her birthday. She’s not overly fond of my kids so we’re not bringing them along. Her favorite member of the family is my brother-in-law, her firstborn. She talks a great deal of Alan. When we go to visit , I am sure we will hear more about how amazing he is. Alan works in an office in San Francisco. He’s a nice guy. I’m keeping in mind that playing favorites with your children and grandchildren creates a memorable experience for the whole family.

But back to the watching. Much of the barrage of emails we receive seem to be directed at us personally. Which begs the question of the other emails. Do they know something I don’t? Pretty much everyone gets offers for Viagra and stuff that will give you a larger male organ.

Okay, but I also get offers to join various dating services. Do they know something I don’t know? Am I about to be single? I get offers to go back to school. Please no. Offers to go on cruises. Not my style. and offers for designer clothes and handbags. Which is really a long shot for me.

Go away, leave me alone, I tell the email. At any rate, my laptop is in the shop for the several days, do keeping up with email won’t be easy.

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