I miss snow amid all the sunshine

gpirst-omni-grove-park-inn-night-exterior (1)

I haven’t been in snow for so many years I’m starting to forget snow.  Our family used to go skiing every winter and I would remember snow then, but now I have forgotten it.  I’ve forgotten what snow feels like.  In Nebraska we saw some snow, but I didn’t really go out in it.  In Alaska, I bet they never forget snow.  We need to visit snow. I wish I could go skiing.  It’s such an expensive sport, but I love it so much. For many years growing up, we always skied and ice skated.   It’s February; I’m sure there is snow somewhere that we can go talk to.

When I was a child, every winter I waited for snow to come and I walked out and tasted the snow. It melted on my tongue.  Sunshine is a different thing to walk into.  It rolls off you, sunlight does, it rolls off you into the street and there is sunlight everywhere bubbling up and that’s not the end of it.  In California every day there is more of it.

Here in Asheville, it apparently does snow, but not now.  People in Asheville really love this town and no wonder, it’s a romantic city with cool old buildings.  It’s the kind of city where you feel like a big story is being written.  The hotel where the conference is, the Omni is quite large.  I’m not staying there; I’m in a place downtown.  But where I am staying, I can walk to Trader Joes, and that’s always an advantage.

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