Upcoming Valentines Day

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What to do:  Take your loved one something fun and give him/her something fun.  Valentines Day is supposed to be about fun.  Have a good time.

Things that are a big mistake—getting overly crazy in the jewelry department.  You get a diamond when you get married?  Sure, if you like that kind of thing.  When I hear women saying that their husband regularly buys them jewelry, I think, that’s weird.  Let me explain something guys, if you need to buy your wife or girlfriend some extravagant jewelry it looks like one of the following might be true of you, diamond buying man:

  1. You are cheating or have cheated on her. That is the first thing I think when I hear someone say their husband just bought them more jewelry. Especially husbands who travel a lot.
  2. You are insecure.
  3. Of course, connected with that is the idea that you have a reason to be insecure.
  4. You have way too much money and you aren’t that good at picking gifts so you default to diamonds.
  5. Some of you women are thinking, I want a man who defaults to diamonds. Really, do you? What does that even mean when you just want more expensive  jewelry?  It means that the rest of your life is not what you wish it were.

What means real love? Is hanging out with someone and doing something fun and maybe when they just give you something fun and ridiculous.   A relationship is supposed to be fun.  If nothing else, you should be enjoying yourselves.  So kiss each other and do your happy dance.

Well, here I am in North Carolina.

Asheville, North Carolina, Winter Institute to be precise.

Met a very elegant French bookseller named Eric.  He doesn’t speak much English, but we got by in French.  Unbelievably, he understood my French and he understood mine.

I went shopping at Trader Joes for food for this trip.  I bought:  Wine, water, pears, apples, a mango, bananas, cherry tomatoes, blackberries, cheese, yoghurt, and what I had for dinner which was red spinach and  smoked salmon.  Trader Joes has everything you need for healthy living.

This town is kind of nice and friendly.  The cab driver on the way here told me that I may not be aware of this being from California and all, but in Asheville, there are Latinos, both Mexicans and El Salvadorans.  I tried to appear surprised.  She said that her next door neighbor is El Salvadoran.  I wanted to mention that nearly 40 % of California’s population is Hispanic and that we have amazing Mexican food and that I miss it already, but it’s super rude to brag about where you are from when you visiting another place.

The hotel is right by Thomas Wolfe’s house.  The bar at this hotel is called The Writer’s Bar.

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  1. How about going to watch an illegal bare knuckle fight in a car park and then at the last moment springing the surprise news that the fight will be between the two of you ? if one of you gets hospitalised, red roses say “Sorry about your injuries” the most romantic way I know.

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