Go scrub yourself for an hour or two


Readers of my blog know that once in a while I go to the Korean Day Spa where you can go from the hot to the cold baths and saunas which helps with my migraines.  Going there to simply relax and use the baths costs only $20, and it helps my head.  When I’m there, I see Korean women who spend hours scrubbing themselves.  Sometimes the older ladies bring their granddaughters.  The girl at the desk tells me that some women spend as much as twenty hours a week bathing and scrubbing.   That’s a lot of time just to cleanse yourself.

I remember spending twenty hours a week taking various dance classes.  I remember a time when I spent many hours every week reading, a time when I spent many hours riding horses, many hours swimming.  All of these were absolutely worthwhile pursuits at the time.

Now I work to juggle reading, writing, grading, sleeping, running, gym, driving.  I feel like a crazy little juggler.

How do we spend our time?  Do you wish you could spend twenty hours a week at a spa scrubbing yourself?  Those Korean women have the loveliest white skin; very soft and beautiful like petals.  But, they have time for little else.

In fact, most women cannot spend ten hours a week writing, riding, swimming, reading, making art, hanging out with your children, doing yoga.  There is this problem that a lot of us have to work, sleep.  We cannot quite do everything.  We have to make choices.   Do you choose to scrub yourself instead of reading?

I think women have more of a tendency to think they can do 10 things well.  It’s possible you can’t be an astronaut, a Victoria Secret model or the first female president.   Each day I say to myself, you have this one life, choose wisely.  What fantastic thing will I do today?

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  1. I do love a Korean day spa. But not for 20 hours a week of scrubbing, thanks. 🙂

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