It’s Superbowl Sunday, U-Haul and the $19.95 scam.


My daughter Tobi is across the street watching the Seahawks wipe the grass with Patriots. She’s with one of our board members at a dive bar.  Stephen was going to be part of the Superbowl viewing but apparently he went hiking all night and slept in a cave, so he’s tired.  I guess I would be tired too if I slept in a cave.  Tobi and David Mainelli are hopefully having a good time.

Mark is making Mexican food for all of us for dinner. It smells great.

We had our board meeting today also.  So it’s been quite a weekend.

We rented a truck to get the couch in Encinitas.  We’ve had to rent trucks several times.  It’s annoying not to have a truck in the family.  We need to haul dirt? We rent a truck.  Palm fronds all over the yard?  Truck.  We needed to go get this couch?  Truck rental.  On the side of the U Haul trucks is a bit of a sign that says, $19.95/ rental.  There is no such thing.  Under no circumstances can you actually rent a truck for $19.95.  It costs quite a bit more but they get you call excited about the $19.95, but it will be more than $100.  They are scamming you.  Of course, we got a good deal because our friend Elise gave us the couch.  Which was super nice of her. The couch looks adorable.

This week  will be busy and then off I go to Winter Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.

We are putting our dog Luna down tomorrow.  It’s a sad thing for our family.  Tobi, Stephen and I picked Luna out when she was a puppy.  We brought her home and she’s been a really good dog. She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a big dog with a lovely disposition.  We will all miss Luna.  Luna, we love you.

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