Rain by Cynthia Barnett



Last night we went out with Elise Capron who works with the Sandra Dijkstra Agency and has been my friend forever.  We went to East Village in Encinitas and had the yummy monk’s pots with rice and shrimp and chicken.  All of that goes great with sake.

Elise gave me this book Rain by Cynthia Barnett which looks really interesting.  After that, we went out to some dive bar and started doing tequila shots and then I switched to Makers and Mark switched to beer.  The drive was pretty decent but still crowded so at some point we realized we didn’t have time to go get the car so we picked up our board member Dave Mainelli from the Flyaway in the moving truck with the couch in the back.  It was a lovely experience and Dave was nice about it.  Mark made it up to him by taking him down to Amoeba Records and out to Vasquez Rocks where they filmed Captain Kirk and the Gorn. If you are Captain Kirk, it is good to have the energy to sleep with green girls and fight with Gorns.

Mark made us sushi tonight which is always good.Tomorrow is our board meeting and then the Superbowl.  We all need more sleep.  When we wake, there is always more to do.  The clouds are restless.  It has been raining here in So Cal.  I have more writing to do, but there is next week, I am going to Asheville.

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