Step out of your own comfort zone

Are you in or out of your comfort zone?

We all have a different comfort zone.  My son is in his comfort zone when he’s about to land in a foreign city with a backpack, guitar and no money in his pocket.  Fun times. Adventure around the corner.  He loves couch surfing.  I can picture him when he gets married suggesting couch surfing for the honeymoon.  Why not, sweetie? He’d say, we could have a really good time! Meet new people. He loves being surrounded by a large group of fun loving people.

My husband, on the other hand is most in his comfort zone when it’s just the two of us hanging around watching Star Trek.  He’s also in his zone when the family comes home for the holiday.  And when we land in another city, and I’m worried about whether I’ll forget anything on the plane, (I’ve left all kinds of things on airplanes) he is already planning out the subway routes we will take.  Maps are part of his comfort zone.

I’d say that comfort zones come in layers.  Some people are not even comfortable with themselves. That’s rough.  I’m quite comfortable at home in t shirt and leggings or hanging out with the family.

Zone 2 of my comfort zone involves close friends’ houses, libraries, bookstores, plant stores.

Zone 3 would be freeways, book fairs, New York.

It’s easy to think of conversations that are outside your comfort zone.  Why is that so uncomfortable?  For many Americans, there are discussions we would rather not have:  Race, politics, religion, pop culture, celebrities.  Some of that is outside our comfort zone for conversation.

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions that are outside our comfort zone is very important to our growth as human beings.  My ex husband does not like to travel, but he flew to visit our son in Nepal.  When I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time, I was way outside by comfort zone, but now I’ve gotten better. Colombia was outside the zone.

Perhaps every week we should step outside our own zone.  Do something we don’t want to do. I try to question myself all the time. Pilates was outside my comfort zone, but I’m enjoying it. To be really outside your own comfort zone, you have to be willing to challenge your own beliefs.

You don’t live in a narrow box with a narrow set of beliefs, you’re much bigger than that.

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