At the Santa Monica Pier with Clara

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I got off work.
Drove to the Santa Monica Pier and walked down to the end.
A lot of people on the pier and the homeless people on the sand.
My friends were an hour late coming to meet me. I talked incessantly on the phone.
Finally I got off and noticed the sun setting.
Karl Urban was walking toward me. I’m sure it was he.
He is incredibly handsome almost breathtakingly so far.
My friend called to say they would be along.
The sunlight drifted toward me on the pier.
It was cold and I put on my sweater.

When my friends Danny and Elizabeth arrived with Clara, I could see Clara is quite a talker. She’s four now, a tiny child. Very conversational. Danny and Elizabeth often seemed exhausted in NY when I see them in their Brooklyn apartment, but here they seem much more rested. Clara loves California. She loves the rides. She’d already been on the Ferris Wheel, but she wanted to do it again. Elizabeth isn’t a fan of heights so Danny and I went up with her. Clara called out, “Daddy you are so brave, you aren’t afraid of anything!” It was heartening to know that Danny is such a powerful guy. He’s a ninja daddy. I never go to the Santa Monica Pier and I’ve never been on the Ferris Wheel, so it was good to break routine. I left the pier a little after six, and it took an hour and a half to cover the twenty miles to get home. I got Chinese food from the dim sum place near our house.

The sky dipped orange into the ocean and then the sun was gone.

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