Live in the internal world

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I like living in the internal world.  A word of creation, of ideas, of the mind.  Going to events and travelling got a bit overwhelming in 2014.  In 2015, it is good to be home.

I’m running and keeping track of the running which is foolish to begin with. Why do we do we want or need to know how far or how fast we run?  Why not just run? But I find myself wanting to count the miles and the minutes, the pounds lost.  As if all that mattered.

The whole exercise watch craze is a bit silly.  Why don’t we all walk more? Run more? Cycle? Why can’t we just do this on our own?  But obviously we need incentive in the means of a little wrist watch stamping its feet and getting us to work out more.  In the developing world, a step counting watch would seem ridiculous.  But here in the First World, we like gadgets.

The other day I was at the gym and realized I didn’t have my phone.  Instinctively  I wanted to just go home and get the thing even though I didn’t really need the phone.  What if someone called me? Someone important.  I did not go home for the phone.  But I have a fitness watch tracking my steps.

The Fitbit looks like a black watch but if you log on to your computer, it will tell you your stats.  Some people like the Jawbone or the Nike Fuel.  All of those need to be hooked up to your computer to work and some of us need more incentive than that.  We need immediate gratification, something to say right away, you came, you saw, you conquered.

Some of these gadgets also count measure your sleep.  I do not bother to look at the sleep counter.  I just go to sleep and then wake up.  I can tell if I had a good nights sleep.  I wish I could be as blasé about the running and steps.

I still like the Garmin the best of all the ones I’ve seen because it has a display you can see whenever you want.  You only need to charge it once a year and it’s waterproof.  There is one thing about the vivofit that is just plain silly.  On a good running day like today, I do 25,000 steps, but it urges you to do more up until the very end of the day.  Last night at fifteen minutes before midnight, I’d done 24,000 steps.  I had fifteen minutes to go and my Garmin began to flog me.  Get up, it said, move it.  You have another 16,000 steps you can do.  If you haven’t been exercising for an hour or so, it begins to tell you to get going.  Its little red band gets going and it begins to nag at you.  More steps. More steps. The thing needs to be calibrated so that it isn’t begging you to do another fifteen thousand steps fifteen seconds before midnight.

I wish to live more simply.  I have chickens, a tea garden, herb garden and salsa garden, but w live in a world where our gadgets make our lives easier.  Being home more of this year is making me very happy.  Too much travel was making me crazy, like I was leaving pieces of myself everywhere.  Too much external word and not enough internal.  I like being home, gathering my energy, writing, breathing, remembering why I started this journey in the first place. I like being home.  On Feb 7th I go to Winter Institute, in Asheville, but most of January, I’m home and it is great to be writing and thinking.

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