Who do we dress for?

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In Pilates class, the other women dress very well. They look good. They have a sharp sexy flair to their tight pants and tops. I went this morning with my own little sexy black and purple pants; they have a nice flair. I want to look as well as the other women in the class.

Of course, I know that this is ridiculous. What does it matter? I don’t know any of these women. Nor do I care what any of them think of me. And if you consider important things in the world, this is certainly not one of them. It is ridiculous to worry what anyone thinks of your clothing unless you are interviewing for a job and your life depends on it. And even then, one should simply dress one’s best and make sure that the clothing is adequate.

I suppose in some world, clothing matters, I just don’t live there. But in some ways, of course, I do. We all live in a world where you do not just walk out your front door naked. And once you have decided to wear clothes, you are going to wear those clothes for a reason. Every day, you decide what that reason is. There are uniforms that say I have power, I am in the military, I am a police officer, I am a doctor, I am a prisoner. I am a waitress, a nurse, a paramedic. These uniforms are helpful because you know where you stand.

When someone wears a suit, you understand that the suit protects them from nobodies. When someone wears dirty shorts and a t shirt with flip flops, you know that he/she is kicking back. Clothes represent us in the world outside the house. Even when you are inside your house, clothes give a symbol. When your husband comes home, if you are wearing a dress and heels, he knows you hope to go out for the evening. If you are wearing leggings and t shirt, he knows you probably want to stay home and relax and if you’re wearing your Victoria Secret boxers and a tank top, well, that clothing is quite another message. Clothing, however light, caries weight.

In Los Angeles people care a great deal about they present themselves. Not everyone. But a lot of people. Ugly sweaters simply don’t cut it. I wear my best workout clothes to Pilates and I can only hope to keep up with the others. I don’t know why I care. Why do any of us care about clothing?

As Mark Twain said, Clothing makes the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.

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