Visiting Kernville

kitty 001

We had a great time going up to Kernville. We drove through a river gorge which felt like the sides might come in on the road at any time. We went to dinner with Ann Beman, the new chair of the Red Hen board. I had catfish which is better in the South where they know how to cook it. But it was fine. Our room was rustic and fun.

Darlene stayed over last night, we had champagne, oysters and too much wine. When I ran eight miles this morning, my body was making little complaints the whole way so tonight I’m taking it easy. I have a lot of running to do this weekend. I’m on a quick prep for this marathon but that seems to be my life.

Our dog Luna is literally on her last legs. She walks slowly and eats very little. We have two other dogs one of whom is quite concerned about her mama dog, the other is licking her lips and waiting to take over as alpha. That’s the way with a lot of humans too when someone is dying. Ginger just wants to inherit the patio couch. She isn’t listening to Luna’s complaints; she has her eyes on the prize. JJ on the other hand seems stricken.

We have two kittens named Thomas and Zubenelgenubi who just goes by Z. He’s named after the brightest star in Libra which is actually twin suns. Darlene is allergic to kittens but I think she was okay. We always start off with a mighty plan to be calm and well behaved when Darlene is visiting. We make plans for dinner and we clean up the house. But soon after she arrives I start thinking that she’s ten times better of a hostess than I’ll ever be partly due to the fact that she lives in France part of the time and has her French ways and I have my So Cal ways, so I might as well start drinking wine and having a good time. She doesn’t seem to mind. We’re having a dinner party on Sunday with our friends Sarah and Travis but we don’t plan to have oysters as I’m guessing Sarah wouldn’t like them. We’ll come up with something great.

We’re going to do some amazing writing this weekend. I read Darlene some of my new work, and she seemed to like it. I have a book to do a final edit for and Mark has his plans as well. If only I had twice as much energy. If only.

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