Birth of my son

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When my son was born, it was 8:20 in the morning. I had woken up around five in the morning, and I was fairly sure that I was having contractions, but the whole last part of pregnancy is so uncomfortable, that you can’t be sure what exactly is happening. So, I could have been having a baby or I could have been just so uncomfortable that I couldn’t stand it.
I got up and started pacing the house.
Tobi who was Amy then woke up. She wasn’t crying. She wanted something to eat. It was August of 1991. She was twenty-one months old and it was very warm out. I could tell it was going to be a hot day. I got Amy out of her crib and she wanted a piece of fruit, a banana I think. I went and got the babysitter, Carmen and I asked her to come in and feed Amy.
I paced the house.
Amy was in the high chair eating and making a mess of her cereal and Carmen was making coffee.
I was pacing.
Finally Jerry got up. He wanted some breakfast. He asked Carmen to make him pancakes.
I was pacing.
Carmen made him toast, bacon and eggs. He wanted pancakes, but she said he should take me to the hospital and he said, All right.
I got in the car.
When we got to the hospital fifteen minutes later, I had him drop me at the ER and while he parked the car, I took the elevator to the maternity floor.
I was screaming.
Jerry got there a few minutes later.
I was screaming bloody murder.
Twenty minutes after we arrived at the hospital, Stephen was born and he said, You got your boy. Because I had wanted one of each and I did want a boy to play with Amy and she was so easy to be around that I thought maybe he would be too.
I was wrong.
I was home by noon and I had bagels for lunch. I went back to teaching the next day and took Stephen with me.
Stephen is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and having these two children has been one of the happiest parts of my life.
If Jerry had taken any longer, Stephen’s name would have been Pancake. A fun name but odd. Stephen’s a good name, I think. It suits him better than Pancake.

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