Sleep and Slow Time

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I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about how important it is to get enough sleep. I like the idea of getting at least eight hours of sleep. Apparently if we don’t get enough sleep, we tend to make unwise decisions. That would explain a lot of things I’ve done since I came to California. Perhaps my lack of sleep since I got on the fast freeway track explains why I’ve been screwing up here and there.
My plan is to work toward getting more sleep in 2015. I am really going to make some effort.

I’ve also been watching the TED talks on slow time. There is a slow food movement where you eat slowly and you make the food slowly. You read to your kids slowly. You drive slowly. Presumably you talk slowly, think slowly and work slowly.

Oddly thought I am a person who is always in too much of a hurry, I like this idea. One of my goals at RHP is to have time to meet for breakfast or lunch once a month and not rush through the meal, just have time to talk. I think ideas swirl best when they have time to swirl. If you make every one work quickly all the time, people don’t have time to come up with big ideas and we need big ideas.

Many things are done better with speed. Dating, raising children, sex, relationships. All the real life stuff is better done slowly. Some of the best parts of life are going to be messy, chaotic, and crazy but they must also not be rushed. Rushing doesn’t improve life.

Slowing down and getting enough sleep. Good goals for this new year.

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