Los Angeles is a ferocious city, and it’s hot here


Home Sweet Home

Mark came home sick as a monkey, but I hauled him through the Minneapolis airport and LAX and home to bed. I went out to run the errands –gas, pet supplies and the marketing. I had to get ingredients for chicken soup and for making raw green juice.

Stephen went with me and he is anti-kale just on principle because kale is being shoved down everyone’s throats at restaurants and stores at an astonishing rate. I was at this nice restaurant in Malibu before Christmas and had a kale Caesar salad. What a mistake. If it isn’t Romaine, it’s not really a Caesar. Kale is okay as long as it isn’t trying world takeover. Coconut is right behind it walking hand and hand with pomegranate, trying to make itself an alpha food. Anyway, we ruled out kale. Instead we got celery, green apples, spinach, green and red chard, garlic, ginger, carrots and onions for the green drinks which I believe will cure Mark of his illness. In the meantime, I made a chicken soup using onions, garlic, a little sweet potato, corn, carrots and broth of course. With a little sourdough toast, this was a good dinner.

We’re big believers in the idea that you can heal yourself with sufficient raw fruits and vegetables and fresh soups. I tried to get him to also do hot honey and vinegar, but I have limited control. If I were a real doctor instead of a wife, I would begin to give orders like doctors do.

Mark gets better quite quickly when he is sick. It’s kind of amazing. Sometimes I think he is part alien; it’s kind of uncanny how fast he heals.

It’s good to be back in So Cal. It was in the Eighties when we landed, the heat hit us like a wave when we stepped out in the California sunlight. It’s odd that you get on a plane in one state, you step into this cold metal tube and it’s below zero and then we landed in Minneapolis and it was still below zero and then off we go again and we land amid the palm trees and sunshine. From the air, we could see Los Angeles spread out for miles, the freeways stacked up against the sky, more and more houses dotted by palm trees, and all of it goes on and on until the sea gleaming out at the edge of the city. Los Angeles is a ferocious city, but I am glad to get back to it. Back into the swing of this life. I need to garden this week, feel earth.

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  1. Hi I was breathing the air in the sunshine with you there, and devouring chicken soup and yes live foods but with plenty of tomatoes and olive oil. The deep blue ocean Ah! I see sails beating into the wind. My mind turns to darkness thinking of free-ways, cities and noise ….Back to thinking of sailing the ocean! 🙂

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