The thing about hotels

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Hotels are a break from your real life. Some people’s real life is like a hotel I suppose. If you have enough help at your house, your house might feel like a hotel as well. Someone would make you a green shake for breakfast while laying out your morning wear. Your evening wear would be prepared by someone else. But at my house there are gardens to tend, chickens to feed, dishes, laundry, email. At least there is no phone ringing. I remember phones ringing and someone would always say that you ought to answer them. Terribly annoying. Then we unplugged the phone and it was unplugged a year or so. Then we had it disconnected. Now, when I go grocery stores and the like, they’re still hooked up to my old house phone which I’m about to forget.

I never liked phones ringing. I have a cell phone, but it’s always off. If people text me, I answer, if they call, I answer if I know who is calling. If not, I do not answer. I don’t want to pick up the phone and not know who it is. That was one of the problems with house phones, you never knew who was calling. In a future world, there will be no telephone wires crossing the sky and ruining the skyline and giving crows and doves a place to land.

Back to hotels. We’re staying in a hotel for the next nine days, and one of the things about hotels is that you don’t have to cook or clean or make your own bed so you feel like you’re floating. Tasks tether you to the ground like you were a tent or better yet, a hot air balloon. Without tasks ou are un-tethered from the dirt and you float and in this hotel, I swim in the pool every day and that adds to the feeling of buoyancy and being disconnected from my real life. Floating, we still write, think, dream.

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