Pismo Beach

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When you call for help, who are you calling? Ghostbusters? Well, maybe. Whenever I call someone I ask where they are calling from and the answer is always India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Mexico. India now has a rover going around Mars, and that’s my concern that pretty soon there will be a call center on Mars. How soon can we outsource our problems to Mars? That’s a good question. We export jobs to other countries, why not other planets? Humans are fascinated by the idea of space travel.

We are having a good time in Pismo. Thinking of coming back here in March to do some writing. I like Pismo Beach because it’s like there was a gap in time and that’s where Pismo Beach lives. Nothing changes and nothing happens in this little town. The few houses lie along the mountains or crouch beside the waves. The dunes go for miles, the gulls compete for bread, but there are more sand dabs than they can eat.

Reasons I would not advise anyone to get a Garmin vivofit: They fall off. They’re fun and they encourage you to take more steps and all that, but they are made to fall off. I’m sort of mad at myself for getting one but now I have a new one and I am thinking of duct taping it to my arm.

Pismo Beach does not have a plethora of great restaurants. There’s Splash Café which has the best clam chowder in the world, or so they claim, and according to my family, they are right. Then there’s Guiseppe’s which is an absolutely fantastic Italian restaurant. It was founded in 1988 as a senior graduation project when Joe graduated from Cal Poly. Our first year here in Pismo was 1995 with Mark and me, and then we came almost every year. The funny thing about Guiseppe’s is that they don’t allow reservations so every year we would get there and have to wait for at least an hour with three children. We would sit outside on the benches and play Telephone. We would have had plenty of wine by that time which helped, but it was still a long wait. Then we would get in and the kids would be starving and although the service is good, they could eat a basket of two of bread in the time before dinner arrived and then Steve would not be able to eat his dinner and then the kids would order tiramisu. Good times.

Life is all dream. The dream unfolds and where does that leave us? We have to keep making a new dream.

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