Friendship is a strange thing. There are certain people that warm our hearts. We know that he or she is our kind of person. How do we figure out that someone is a member of our tribe? It isn’t pheromones, it isn’t tribal connection, for many of us friendship is simply a feeling. We know that we swim in the same pool. My daughter recently mentioned to me that she went to a party to see off someone she hadn’t seen for several months and was surprised to find that she had all new friends.

Some people have new friends every few months, others have the some friends their whole life. I have friends who I have known for many years, but I really like being open to the possibility of meeting new friends. Sometimes you have a friend for years and then you realize you have nothing whatsoever in common any more. But the fact is you do have something in common: The years you’ve known each other. Like many people, my family is made up of my children, my husband and my close friends. I rarely change up friends, but sometimes, someone just has to be voted off the island.

Yesterday we saw my friend Tracy and her family. We’ve been friends forever, and I think we always will be. I can’t really say how but I just do. Friendships are like elastic. Sometimes they are very tight, other times quite loose. I don’t sit around and evaluate friendships, I just let everything float. My life is floating, I’ve come up for air. I’m not drowning. I see the light. And I do have some good friends. I feel very fortunate and I am ready for 2015.

I like how we all have friends—human connections for different reasons and at different places and different times. When I was a child, I had a friend named Helen and we’re still in touch.

We’re at Pismo Beach. We had clam chowder from Splash for dinner. I’m going to run on the beach in the morning in all that cool salt air.

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