California is full of rain

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Because weather is so much in the news these days, people in other parts of the country think that we are all drowning. Or at least that our houses are being washed away to sea. There is always the idea that California is going to fall over a cliff, but this is actually not likely. Even if there were an earthquake, the whole state wouldn’t just become part of the Pacific Ocean.

Today I was speaking with Maxine Hong Kingston who is very much looking forward to the 2015 Retreat at Ghost Ranch.
She mentioned that it’s a bit much how on they keep saying that California hasn’t gotten enough rain to solve the drought problem. Just stop it. It’s raining. That’s good and it’s going to keep raining.

I made the vegetable lasagna today. I am always toying with my recipe. Sometimes more or less spinach. I used to add nutmeg but I don’t do that any more. It’s in a lot of recipes, but it’s just too weird. I went to the gym this morning while the rain poured down and I had to use an umbrella but by the time I came out, the sun was there, trundling through the clouds. Next week there will be more rain.

On Star Trek, when they want to have something happen, but are ambivalent, they take a sneaky approach. In the old Star Trek, they managed the kiss between Kirk and Uhura by setting up a situation where they are being forced to kiss by aliens. In Captain Picard’s Enterprise, there is a love affair between the doctor and Will Riker which is actually between Beverly and an alien, but the alien has been implanted in Will Riker. (Are you lost?) But we do get to see the doctor in a love affair with the first officer which would really not have worked otherwise.

People are always urging us to see other shows but we just stick to Star Trek. Tomorrow, the Christmas party. And then we go to Phoenix for a couple days. We’ll be back in time to finish our end of the year projects with Red Hen and then take off for the beach before Christmas with the family. We always have an amazing time over the holidays because we all get along super well.

Then Mark and I go to Nebraska to teach at the MFA program. A little snow is always a nice change.

Party coming up. Life is writing, family, party and dreaming. And work. The sky is wet here, wet and dreaming.

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