Christmas presents

Advice on shopping for Christmas.  If you haven’t done your shopping for Christmas, you should probably get started.  If you wait, the tickets will get worse and worse.  The crowds, the noise, the dirt, they’ll be out of socks at Target and we can’t have that, can we? In case you think you’re good at shopping, I’ve given a few hints below.

Signs you are not a good gift giver:

  1. Your drycleaner gave you a lint roller for the holidays. You are considering re-gifting it.
  2. You are thinking of buying a broom, mop, dust pan or brush for someone.
  3. You think beer is a good gift.
  4. You think any commodity item is a good gift, for example, stamps, gas cards, money, unless it’s to grand children who you don’t know well.
  5. You plan to buy clothing for someone whose size you can only guess.
  6. You’ve thought about buying pots and pans for your wife so she’ll cook more.
  7. You buy presents on Amazon and Ebay while you are supposed to be working.
  8. You buy friends, How to for Dummies books to help them learn more skills.
  9. You buy games for A type personalities who never really play.
  10. You buy books for friends who don’t read, art for friends who like football.

Good ideas when shopping:

  1. Books for those who read.
  2. Flashlights for disaster groupies and preppers.
  3. Japanese knives for the chefs in your life.
  4. Bath supplies for the women who like to relax.
  5. Special coffees for people who never relax.
  6. Chess for thinking philosophical types.
  7. Hiking maps for your sporty types.
  8. Zombie survival books for all your fighting friends.
  9. Jewelry for the fancy girls.
  10. Champagne for everybody else.

Still tired.  Lunch at the Malibu Beach Inn with Petra and Gina who worked so hard to make the anniversary event a wild success. I can’t thank them enough.

From there I drove to Pasadena, two hours of crazy traffic.  Pasadena and the West Side are two different countries.  I went from one country to the other and then home.  My brain is cloudy and the rain is rolling in. The thing to is keep your joys apparent and your sorrows secret. Even when the rain comes.

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