Rejoice greatly

Handel’s Messiah sing a long was so great.  We were all such great singers, all two thousand of us and we sang the Hallelujah Chorus three times, that’s how good we were.  We were saying, Yes, Grant! We could be your choir too! It’s the ultimate motivating tool for wanting to support the Chorale having the whole audience on our feet participating in the very art form that makes us subscribers.  They had an organ and a harpsichord.  I was full of joy.

Tomorrow I am turning in my grades, doing Pilates and going to Malibu for lunch.

Other things on my mind:

  1. Big storm coming.
  2. Red Hen Christmas party this weekend.
  3. Finishing the book.
  4. Being tired.
  5. Sleep

We saw the Day the Earth Stood Still tonight. Spoiler alert coming right now if you keep on reading.  Keanu Reeves played a robotic alien who planned to destroy the people to save the planet from our destructive ways, but he changed his mind once he saw how cool we are and listened to Bach and met John Cleese.  What he needed to do was listen to some Jimmy Page and watch Monty Python, then he would have really seen our coolness as humans.

Three things to remember:

If you are nice to aliens zombies, will they still attack you?  Yes.

The best protection from zombies is to own a dog.  Dogs eat zombies.

Zombies prefer stupid people so go to school.

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