Do not constantly talk about your favorite child, it’s annoying

kitty 063

Me and Molly

Life is always good/crazy at same time.
1. Plane to Chicago is an hour late. I will land at 1 am instead of midnight.
2. Red Hen Press was just awarded $30,000 from the NEA for our publishing program which is—oddly, the most difficult part of the press to fund.
3. I am crazy exhausted. My brain is on another planet and I want it to come back to my body.
4. Red Hen is getting some really exciting staff people.
5. We have a few more things to do like Christmas shopping before I can breathe.
6. We will go to the beach before the end of the year.
7. We have our Christmas party Dec 13th which will be fun.
8. Steve and I are decorating the tree this weekend. He’s hanging the lights.
9. If you are extremely attractive, don’t post a pic of yourself on Facebook, it’s depressing.
10. If you are a parent, and you have one kid you like better than the others, do NOT talk about that person all the time to the other kids. My mother-in-law has one son–her oldest, who she talks about constantly. When she talks about him, I check out our back patio. It’s nice back there. She doesn’t visit often but when she does, she goes on about that one son. I poke my head in the house and she’s still talking about him. And he isn’t richer, a better dad, cooler, better dressed, better looking or more accomplished than either of his siblings. He’s just her favorite. My favorite is the one I married—of course– but I’d be happy to hear about my sister-in-law. Surely she must have some good qualities, something interesting she has done. I bet she’s fascinating but we never hear about her at all. My mother-in-law is coming to our Christmas party, but she usually sits in one area so I’ll be okay and there’s usually 50-60 people there. It’s a fun party. My whole life is one fun party.

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