what is your no fly zone?

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This week I am going to Chicago for our sales meeting.  I like Chicago in he springtime when the flowers open and the trees push out and that very male city is momentarily verdant, but still smelling of coffee and scotch all the time.  In winter it’s cold and I will miss my gloves which I left in a cab in St. Louis.  In winter Chicago smells of a cold snow and bites your cheeks.

In working on a character in your writing, think about what their no fly zone is.  Some people are all no fly zone.  So much of their life is not to be discussed with anyone, not to be dealt with.  What is your no fly zone?  And is it no fly with everyone?    I know people whose life is one big no fly zone.

I’m trying to gather up my energy here but now as I get ready to finish the semester, but everything keeps drifting around me and my energy is moving slowly like particle waves.  I need to gather it like sunlight on a hot day.  It’s been raining here, which is absolutely incredible.  Rain in Southern California. Wet clouds opening.  I’ll sleep and walk outside into mist.

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  1. Chicago is cold, I’m not going to lie. Grew up there. But have Portillo’s, at least good hot dogs would make up for the cold 🙂 Wear a LONG coat, those waist cut pea-coats won’t do you any good in Chicago.

    And take the Metra if you can, always great inspiration seeing the view of the city from the train – plus, you overhear some GREAT conversations for dialogue inspiration.

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