Why did we invent God?

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Why did we invent God?
Because humans were lonely in the universe.
Because we wanted to know what happens when we die.
Because the smartest people wanted to have a way to control the other members of the tribe.

It was an amazing Thanksgiving, great family time. Great food. I love our family.

And we saw Interstellar today which we very much liked. We liked the science and dream of it. Of course it was too long, all the big film makers begin to make films that are too long, Peter Jackson maybe more than most. Jackson is in the extreme. But this movie takes science and big and life issues.

The movie takes on big ideas: Is there a God? Spoiler alert. The answer is no. We do it all ourselves. We have to figure it all our ourselves, the questions and the answers. We need no god.

More big ideas in this movie that you may or may not agree with:

Love. That strange thing that ties us to each other. Love that tangled web we weave is what matters more than anything.

The biggest love of all is the love that parents have for their kids, or at least it should be.

I like that idea but it’s not always true. I think that once you have kids you should love them, once you have kids, they should be the big love, once you have kids you should not marry something who your kids don’t get along with. If you walk away from your kids, you’re going to be unhappy for the rest of your life. But some people do, they walk away from their children and never look back.

So this movie is idealistic in some ways. We might like the idea that love is big, that love for your children is the biggest, and that we don’t need God. But that’s so rarely true. Big love does make for a big movie. Let’s race through time with our arms open.

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