Great reading with Shelly Savren and Maxine Hong Kingston!

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Now that this book tour has ended, I am going to finish this book/books and get going on my running, Pilates and some serious Mark/Kate party time. I like feeling the very edges of my life spilling over the edge like the old maps where you could sail to the end of the world and over the edge there be dragons, serpents, all kinds of big slimy creatures and the dark. That’s where I like to go, down over the edge into the dark thinking place.

I’m planning some writing retreats in 2015, some friend time, writing time, dream time, and time with my kids. Mark and I are going to have some crazy great time. I want to drink champagne and run on the beach, and all that stuff. I’m going to run like a maniac, and do Pilates like a maniac. Maybe not a maniac.

But the book tour was roaring fun. Because people like the Goldilocks Zone and it’s fun to read from. And the Echo Light book is good. Reading last night with Ron Kortge and Bill Trowbridge was amazing. They were so much fun.

Now I want to buy a Christmas tree and have the kids decorate it the day after Thanksgiving. When they were little, the bottom half of the tree was decorated and the cats would sabotage those ornaments and there would be glass shards all over the floor and they would keep putting up more for the cats to pull down.

They were crazy kids and they made Mark crazy. Especially Steve. Steve would get into trouble at school and once even kicked a kid at the playground who was being mean to his sister. “Why’d you do that?” “He had it coming,” Steve said.

My ex and I were trouble makers. We had it coming, these crazy kids. But Mark had been a good kid, he didn’t know what hit him. They’re grown up now and it’s still a lot of fun. Mark and I like adventures. Here’s to holidays, writing, beaches, champagne, and having fun times with our kids.

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