Book Tour ending with a splash

There will be more book events in spring. Austin, Charlottesville, Boston, conferences in Boston, Mendocino, Ghost Ranch, but nothing like this. 2015 will seem like a sabbatical year after 2014. And yet, it’s been glorious. Hanging in different cities with my home girls: Terri Grimm, Karen Shoemaker, Darlene Chandler Bassett, Mary Johnson, Jen Kohan, Peggy Shumaker, Nicelle Davis, Cynthia Hogue, my daughter and daughter-in-law, Tobi and Molly, it’s been glorious connecting with so many writers and the big readings with Gregory Orr, Ursula LeGuin and Maxine Hong Kingston are really fun too and make me feel like I can pretend I’m a bigwig too. Speaking of wigs, if I wore a big wig, could I be a bigwig? That’s one of those phrases you never have to ask for the origin. You know it. A big wig was someone with a big wig.

If I am ever important to people outside my familia, I’ll walk down 5th avenue and I’ll sing out loud. But until then, I’m content knowing that we’ll all be hanging together for Thanksgiving a mash of stories, language, joy, great food and wine. Also tequila.

All my friends who have made this book tour magical, thank you! Karen and Terri you rock! Dave Mainelli for setting up this event in Omaha, Chad for the event in Wayne. Peggy for making Arizona fun. Cynthia! you rock. Darlene for everything. Mary, you held my hand.

And Mark! I’m coming home Monday!

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