Why Southwest Airlines is way better than Frontier, why American sucks

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  1. The peanuts. It seems small but they give you peanuts.
  2. The other free snacks they give you like cheese crackers, cookies or Chex Mix. (I prefer the Jet Blue chips and Southwest needs a red chips.)
  3. The free soda, juice etc.
  4. They are nice to you!
  5. They let you bring 2 bags for free.

Why Frontier sucks.

  1. The Frontier staff go to a little kick-the-customer’s ass training and it shows. They like to snap at you like they’re a German shepherd and you’re a Frisbee. It’s downright uncomfortable.  However, there are no flight attendants and airline staff as well trained in ass kicking as American Airlines.  Their training isn’t the customer is always right. It’s more like F@# the customer.  You knew better than to fly with us in the first place. We don’t like our customers and people know that so if you chose to fly American, that’s your personal problem, clearly you have issues with masochism and they have problems with sadism so there you are a match made in the skies.  A German shepherd with a Frisbee is nothing.  American Airlines staff laugh at such amateurish notions.  They up the ante.  “Do I  get a hotel to stay in?” I asked an American Airline attendant in DFW after they stranded me there.  She pulled out a blanket and tossed it at me. I caught it before it hit my face. “Take a blanket,” she said.  Vouchers are unknown to them. But back to Frontier.  They’re no slouch in the rude department. Last week when I was flying them, I was taking only my laptop and purse to Colorado.  You know my motto, “Do I look fantastic in this dress now? Yes?  Pretty sure I’m going to look fantastic in it again tomorrow morning.”  The lady at Frontier was trying to argue with me that she was going to charge me to check the laptop because it wouldn’t fit on the plane.  Seriously?
  2. The only free thing on a Frontier flight is the water. They charge you for TV which is free on Virgin, Jet Blue and Delta, so the TV is useless.  They charge you for crackers, cookies, peanuts and every ounce of luggage.
  3. Rumor is they are thinking of charging for each block of toilet paper. Can’t you see some lady hustling down to buy four squares for her husband who forgot his wallet?  It makes me laugh to think about it.  Avoid Frontier and American Airlines.  That’s my advice.
  4. The nice domestic airlines are Jet Blue and Virgin followed by Delta and Southwest.
  5. The nice international airlines ? I love British and Singapore and Lufthansa. I hear good things about Quantas.  Next time I’m going Down Under, I’m going to try it.  Iceland and New Zealand have nice airlines too.  Mark did not enjoy the Russian airlines.  He complained that the food was inedible and the lights and television didn’t work.  Plus, he had to stop off in the Ukraine for 17 hours.  Hey, I had to layover in Istanbul.  But Turkish Airlines is really nice. The little Irish airline Aer Lingus serves a lot of booze.  Lufthansa too.  Americans don’t drink as much as they used to. Maybe they’re all smoking weed.  Hopefully not the captain on this flight though.  Fly safely, my friend.

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