Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence

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This image and this blog post are not connected but I like giraffes and their tongues.

Okay, awkward subject here, but let’s dive in.  In the article in Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence complains bitterly about the leakage of nude photos of herself that she’d sent to her boyfriend.  They were in a long distance relationship and she was sending him photos to keep things going and these got leaked.

Let’s pause here a minute and say that what keeps a relationship going is contact.  If you see someone once a month, things move along slowly.  If you escalate to once a week, they speed up and at the point of daily contact, the ball is rolling.  So if you want to keep yourself at the top of the pile of things your partner thinks about, daily contact is good.  And if part of the “meat” of your relationship (stop what you’re thinking right now) is sex/intimacy, then some instagram, snap chat, selfie photos are going to keep him/her remembering why they got involved with you in the first place.  The current photo mailing is certainly safer than the photocopy machine ever was.

But back to Jennifer Lawrence. Like other celebrities before her, Kate Upton and Rihanna, she complains that her privacy is being invaded.  Okay, that sucks.  But, she also says that she is angry at anyone who looks at these photos and adds that she can’t be your friend if you look at the photos.

  1. She just un-friended millions of people.
  2. Lots of people who hadn’t looked at the photos went ahead and checked them out after that Vanity Fair interview because they suddenly realize that something interesting must be afloat.
  3. If you look at the photos, you are not committing a crime, whatever she may think, and I am going to give you a hint here. She looks like a nude girl.  She has the same stuff other nude girls have, boobs and queenie all in place.
  4. Naked actresses generally have perfect female bodies, but come on, she looks like most of us looked at 25. There is nothing surprising, shocking, lewd or heinous about the human body.
  5. The anti nude thing with actresses seems clear to me. Here is the message they want you to understand. I am classy.  I am not Kim Kardashian.  Don’t worry Jennifer honey, we never thought you were Kim Kardashian.  You’re an actress, she’s a booty queen.  We know that.  We know how classy you are.  When you’re older, you’ll see what we mean Jennifer.  I put myself in Jennifer’s shoes.  Let me see, if I were making the money she’s making and people wanted to see me naked because I looked so good, I’m pretty sure I’d survive.  You’ll survive Jennifer.  The universe is going to buy you a mocking bird and it will sing.
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