The party keeps on going

Tomorrow I’m going to Colorado Springs to do a reading at Colorado College. I am looking forward to seeing where David Mason teaches and to having dinner with him. It is minus 2 degrees there right now. I am going to wear boots and bring a scarf and hat. Since it’s been snowing in Colorado, I have to hope that the roads would be clearer. I don’t know how to drive in the snow. I fly back Friday morning.

Mark made soup for us tonight, it was good.

Friday we finish preparations, and have a dinner with our advisors.
Saturday the board meeting, then drinks with one of our writers,
then the cocktail party,
then the big event on Sunday.

When I do my last reading on November 23rd with Maxine Hong Kingston and Shelly, my book tour will be over. Champagne will be in order.

Steve and I are going to make pies and do a lot of cooking and Mark will make the turkey and green rice.

We will celebrate all Thanksgiving weekend. Mark and I will see Interstellar.

PEN dinner last night was fun. Always great to see Steve Erickson, Julian Sands, and many other writers and famous people. Always a good party.

When I reach the edge of my energy, I like to remind myself that I am going to have four days off at Thanksgiving. I can run and sleep and write.

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