Observations on Columbia so far:

Let’s do the easy definitions of First World, Second World, Third World to start off here.

  1. First World—you have access to hospitals, public transportation, schools, universities, plumbing that works. Functioning toilets are important to the First Worlders.  Think Germany, France, Canada, Sweden.
  2. Second World: There are hospitals and schools, but you might not be able to afford them.  Public transportation is iffy.  (Think California, Greece, Columbia) But you have functioning plumbing and that’s a plus in any world.
  3. Third World: If there are hospitals and schools, you cannot afford them and you may not know where they are.  Public transportation may involve farm animals. Exciting adventures are all around you. Drugs are more readily available, but if you are caught with them, they will kill you.  Plumbing involves bushes and trees. Food may involve cats and dogs. Think  Salvador, Rwanda, parts of Mexico.

Back to my Columbian observations:

  1. As soon as I got off the plane, the staring began, and that’s when I realized that even though America is a lot like a Second World country in some ways, men sneak when they stare at your boobs. Their glances slither off you.  As soon as I walked off the plane, a man was just staring and that continued.  You know that movie, Men Who Stare at Goats?  It’s a good movie, you should see it.  Columbia is about the men who stare at mammary glands.
  2. When I got off the plane and made it through security, I was sent on a little bus to the terminal for flying around Columbia. It has one restaurant which is half café, the part where I am and half sushi bar.  I kid you not. I am not going to try Columbian sushi for lunch on my first day in country.  I am just not that bold. My stomach quavers at the thought.
  3. Money: I am carrying around in cash 228,000 pesos. Aren’t you impressed at how rich I am?  That’s $120 in American dollars.  My breakfast of coffee, bread, very good omelette and a tall orange juice was $9.00
  4. Women do not wear skirts and dresses so I really stand out here. They wear pants, mostly jeans.  Jeans are very popular.  I am attracting attention and I am not even wearing a short skirt with bare legs, I have on black tights, but still, I’m pretty sure I don’t look like a Columbian.
  5. I wish I had checked to see if the water is okay.
  6. Columbia uses the same electricity as we do.
  7. I had to tell five people at this airport my address, my flight number, my hotel where I am staying, my profession. That’s a lot of info.
  8. Columbian women are really good looking.  They are tall, leggy, great skin.  Except the nuns and here are a lot of nuns.  I would make a terrible nun.
  9. The Spanish is different here and it’s very fast. I’m struggling.
  10. The coffee here is ridiculously good. I may not try the booze I’m so taken with the coffee.
  11. They sell this white stuff everywhere (stop it!) in small chunks and large in the airport and I wasn’t sure what it was. (Settle down.) So I bought some thinking it was going to be a sweet dessert thing. And it was cheese.  Really great cheese kind of like string cheese only better and saltier.  I am going to live on that cheese and the coffee here. I don’t need anything else.
  12. This whole country will make more sense after I get a good night’s sleep.
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