When Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Before climate change


Women are 4.6 % of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.   Doctors –1/3 women. Lawyers 1/3 women.  University professors 1/3 women.

We have just gotten started.  Women have excelled at low paying jobs for decades, centuries, and it is only in the last fifty years that it has become possible for women to make the same kind of money men are making in the workplace and therefore to have the same kind of power in public and private life.

Many men don’t understand that this is happening, they can’t believe that it is permanent and that it is happening to them.  What they want to believe is that it is happening to only them in this moment and that if they could just position themselves differently, things could change.

That’s like wishing climate wouldn’t happen.  You can wish, but it will happen; it’s happening all around you. The glaciers are melting.  Pretty soon, we’ll be rewriting the “Snows of Kilimanjaro,” to be the “Flows of Kilimanjaro.” Then we’ll have the sequel to Twelve Angry MenTwelve Angry Bitches.

Today’s girls are excelling in K-12, and 55 % of college graduates are females.  My daughter will make as much money as your son or more.  The man who doesn’t know how to talk with women or better yet how to listen to women is running behind the curve.  If you are waiting for a moment when women will simply go away and stop making as much money as men, when women will be more obedient in the home, when they’ll run into the kitchen and cook for you, when they’ll collapse on the floor like jellyfish when you tell them to, that time is past my friend.  You are wishing for a woman who would listen with baited breath while you speak and keep listening no matter what words you throw at her.  You will always know more than she does.  She is fresh faced, she is ready for love or whatever passes for love in your world which is more like you being nice to her while she listens.

In this brave new world we don’t have to listen unless we want to.  We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to.  We make love when we’re ready, have a drink when we’re ready.  We go to sleep when we want to.  This is climate change my friend.  Look.  It’s all around you.  You remember the good old days when men were in charge of everything, when dinosaurs roamed the earth?  It’s nearly over.

Eventually the pendulum will swing to the middle.  One hopes men and women will treat each other as partners.  Will work together.  That we will live in a world where sex and gender won’t be determining factor in education, jobs.

But for right now, the pendulum is swinging hard.  Gentlemen, if you get lucky, it will swing to center and you’ll have the experience of equality because we sure haven’t had it. Yet.

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