I remember when you could fly to the moon much more cheaply

I’m really tired of people telling me that things used to be better. I like my now. I like my life. The fact is that if you want to live like they used to in the Middle Ages—wash your own clothes, hang them on the line, you can still do that. You can not have a phone, ignore online dating and just meet people you find in every day life. The car wash guy! The grocery store clerk. Don’t stop yourself from dating your butcher, your baker, your candlestick maker. You can grow your own food and have your own chickens. I eat my own eggs. You can build your own furniture. But don’t complain about how much better things used to be because mostly, that isn’t true.

Let’s talk about ways that’s a dirty lie.
1. We have the internet.
2. We have cell phones.
3. We can fly.
4. We have civil rights laws.
5. We have sexual harassment laws
6. We have Star Trek
7. Movies are better now and they tell me television is better
8. We have an amazing array of good food available.
9. We don’t have to believe in God.
10. California makes better wine. What’s not to like?

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